Amy Stringer – Contemporary Jewellery and Sculpture

Contemporary designer maker specialising in jewellery and sculpture.

I was shortlisted as the final jeweller in the running for New Designers Designer of the Year Award at New Designers 2015 and award a Highly Commended award from Jewellery London 2015.


I aim to combine the beauty of the small amounts of nature found within buildings and structures and give a precious element to materials traditionally used in construction.


As a young artist I am continually creating new jewellery and sculptures. I am currently developing a new fine collection including silver and gold as well as a large installation being displayed in Leeds February 7 – 14 2015.

My role within the The Jewellery Business will be to coordinate exhibitions and organise pop-up shops for co-op members and other designer makers.

Contact information:

Instagram: @amystringerdesign



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