Keeping Safe

Here at The Jewellery Business we always consider safety measures in the workshop and during the COVID 19 pandemic we have added some extra precautions in line with the government guidance. We’ve outlined these below so you know what to expect when you come to class. We want classes to continue to be a relaxing and enjoyable time (craft is so important for our mental health!) and we have worked hard to ensure our space is safe and welcoming.

How do the alert levels affect classes?

According to the government guideline, we are able to continue classes in the studio at tier 1, tier 2 but not in tier 3 after the new restrictions come in to effect on the 2nd December. If there are changes to the alert levels or if additional measures are announced we will update this information.

Sheffield is currently at Tier 3 level (as of 2nd December) so our classes are on pause.

What measures have we take in the studio?

Our studio layout now means that we can accommodate 5 students with 2 meters space between each desk (1 person per desk). We have a system in place to make sure the workshop is cleaned before and after each class and tools that have been used are sanitized after each class. There is hand sanitizer on each desk.

Class members are required to wear facemasks in the studio.

Optionally we have some half facemasks if you wish to purchase one (depending on our current stock). These masks are regularly worn by jewellers to protect us from fumes and metal dust etc and although they look bulky, many students find them more comfortable than fabric or disposable facemasks. This kind of facemask is not compulsory, you may wear a fabric or a disposable mask if you prefer.

Our new system means that once you have booked onto your class, you don’t need to fill in any further track and trace information when you arrive.

Our current students are continuing to enjoy our classes with the new measures in place and are creating some wonderful piece of jewellery. If you have any questions, please contact Emmie here: