Single Session Ideas

Textured Earrings/Pendant:

Choose a shape, it can be a simple shape or you can also choose to add some detail to it – for example another shape on top, or a shape cut out. You can texture or polish your piece depending on the final look you want to create. You can also stamp lets and numbers onto the piece if you wish.

Enamelled Pendant/Earrings:

As above, choose a shape and then you can add some coloured enamel to suit your style.

Ring with texture or small detail:

Make a ring from sheet metal with a texture or add some detail – like a shape cut out of the ring, or a shape soldered on top.

These ideas are flexible and given as a starting point, if you have your own idea in mind then let me know before the class and I can tell you if it is possible in the time. ~ Emmie

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