TJB COVID-19 Update About Classes.

Hello All,

I’ve been working away over the last few weeks to figure out how we can return in our relatively small space. There will certainly be some changes but I’m now confident that I’ve worked out a way to return (with lower limits on how many people can attend each session).

We are ready to start classes again, here is what you need to know!

  • I will be requiring everyone to wear a mask of some kind whilst in the studio. Most of you will have seen the mask I wear sometimes in the studio anyway, this would actually be my top recommendation, it is comfortable and the filters are designed specifically to protect us from fumes that can be created from metalworking anyway (pickling etc.), hence why I would recommend this mask and these filters:

(side note – I’ve found a company where I can buy in bulk and get the masks plus the filters for £26 per person. Please let me know if you want to order one).

3M™ Reusable Low Maintenance Half Face Mask

3M™ Reusable Low Maintenance Half Face Mask

3M™ ABE1 Gas and Vapour Filters 6057 (Cartridge or filter type ABE1)

3M™ Formaldehyde + A1 Gas and Vapour Filters 6075
  • For now you will need to book in for each session you wish to attend in advance. I have created a booking system here on the website and each of you will be able to create an account to make it easy for you to register for the classes you want to attend. To create your account go to the Member’s Area in the website menu and then go to Member Sign-Up. Make sure to choose the Class Member option at the end of the sign-up page otherwise the website will not allow you to book onto the classes.

You can book onto each class on the events calendar:

I think this system should work fine, but we’ll work it out and change what we need as we go to make sure everyone is accommodated and it is working :). I’ll communicate with you all individually to see what will work for you.

Please note: If you cannot attend the session you will need to inform me 24 hours before the session as the limited spaces in the class can then potentially still be filled. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the class you will still be charged for the session. I will of course make exceptions to this if you are suddenly experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and are self isolating.

  • For the time being I won’t be providing the usual snacks or drinks in the studio. If you wish to bring your own flasks then you are welcome to do so. I will still have the kettle for your use should you need hot water.
  • All of the work benches are now spaced out around the edge of the room and the tools are located in the middle. You’ll find hand sanitizer and wipes on each desk.
  • There will be a maximum of 5 people attending each class. (I will talk to you all individually and will facilitate more classes if there is not enough space – we will work this out as we go and once we get a feel for how it works).

If you have any questions or concerns please just ask me! I’m looking forward to having you back and seeing your lovely faces again! …Or half of your face 😉

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